Promptly app is a new journaling app that provides users a way to reflect on thought-provoking prompts focusing on various topics that are personalized to their everyday life




UI/UX Designer

2 Months



Sometimes you want to journal but it's not always easy to collect your thoughts and know exactly what you want to document. Our minds are so busy and filled with everyday stress and there is just too much to think about all at once. Wouldn't it be nice to have a journaling app that gave you a daily prompt which would allow you to think and reflect on topics that you care about?


  • Create a standalone mobile app for iOS and Android
  • To be able to receive prompts in accordance to specific topics that relate to their life
  • To be able to search past entries by date, subject matter, or keywords
  • To be able to visually see their progression and have a goal of completion

Design Process



Competitive Analysis  
User Personas



User Flow



Low Fidelity
Mid Fiedlity
High Fidelity



User Testing

User Personas

Who are our users?
Many users have different needs and wants. Their lifestyles vary. I created 2 sample user personas to help me explore the potential needs of a larger group of users and design my app with my specific target in mind.

User Flow

The journey for the user is to create and save their journal entry

Mid Fidelity Wireframes

Style Guide

Major Screens

Screens for iOS

Screens for Android


Some challenges I initially encountered was trying to figure out a goal for the user. But after a few drafts of wireframes and talking to potential users and my mentor, I discovered a way to create a goal for the users to keep them interactive with the app. Having a dashboard with some visuals to showcase how often they have journaled and within each category, can really help a user have fun with the app and want to meet all their goals.

Another challenge was trying to gather information about the user but without asking too many personal information as it can overstep security and make the user not feel secure about using the app. I decided to ask very simple question about what topics they would like instead of any invasive personal questions. In the future, I would love to do further testing and see how I can gather more information without overstepping any security boundaries.

I think I also need to do further testing when it comes to colors. I worry the red in the app, would be alarming. I need to re-adjust this in a future re-design if time permits.

I would also love to do more user testing to further refine the functionalities and flow. Adding features such as uploading an image or video would be another great idea. Maybe even adding a paid subscription. But further testing and research will need to be done.